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Apartment and Content Insurance consists of two parts:

1. Apartment structure/building Insurance

2. Apartment content Insurance.

This insurance policy is meant to provide insurance coverage to the insured in the event in which the building or the content of the apartment suffered damage due to the occurrence of certain events of risk such as: storm, fire, burglary, theft, flood and other events that might cause damage. This is to ensure that the insured and his family will not remain homeless.

Policy coverage

In the framework of content insurance the insured will receive coverage, in addition to property damage insurance, also to third party insurance (similar to vehicle insurance) and employers liability insurance towards employees by the insured in the area of his apartment (in the event the building serves as a business).

In other words, in the event in which a claim is filed against the insured by any person who was injured by the insured or is included in the insurance policy of the insured in the area of his apartment, such event will be covered.

The same applies to an event in which the insured is sued according to torts law by a household worker
(in accordance with the amounts paid in such cases by the National Insurance Institute of Israel).