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The pensions market underwent dramatic changes in the past few years, starting with enactment of the Arrangements Law, through the reform in pension funds and the implementation of the recommendations of the Bachar Committee concerning the reform in the capital markets, provident funds and insurance.

The new reality that was created following these changes allows the employee and the employer to transfer from one financial entity to another and from one plan to the other according to the long term plans offered and financial performance presented in each term. The client is now at the center while financial entities are now competing among themselves by introducing improvements in the quality of products, level of service, intervention and yield.

In order to enjoy the new rules of the game, the employer is in need of a supportive system that will provide comprehensive information about the different kinds of pension products, manage control over funds transferred between the different funds and allow integration between salary software and relevant financial entities.

Sound management of pension arrangements mandates supervision of a professional and an objective entity that acts independently and in collaboration with the employer and is committed to full transparency in relation to all pension products – pension funds, senior employees insurance, study funds and provident funds.

Complex pension arrangements

An employee who is entitled to receive full social benefits that are granted to him in the framework of his work as an employee can choose the two following options:

Senior employees insurance

Senior employees insurance is an insurance plan for employees (in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Income Tax Regulations).

This insurance includes two main components:

Saving for age of retirement – That may be received by way of monthly pension payments up to the limit required by the tax regulations, when beyond that limit the manner of receiving the amount can be chosen, as a single payment or monthly pension according to the employee’s choice at the age of his retirement.

Life insurance – Providing indemnification to the insured or his relatives in the event of death and/or loss of working capacity.

In the course of employment, both employee and the employer make provisions for insurance benefits. When an employee is involved, the amount equals 8.33% of his salary for compensation and up to 7.5% for benefits on account of provisions of the employer. And up to 7% of the salary of the employee for benefits on account of the employee.

Senior employees insurance

Nilibit specializes in management of complex pension arrangements and offers large companies and organizations a flexible insurance platform that is personally suited to the clients’ needs along with an almost endless choice of pension plans and purchase of insurance plans and supplementary products.

Nilibit represents its clients to all relevant suppliers – insurance companies, investment houses, provident funds, study funds, pension funds and many others – and concentrates all routine management and collection tasks in one single monthly report.

Pension funds

Contrary to provident funds that concentrate on saving money for the pension period, the pension fund includes additional components that are not included in the provident fund. These components are personally suited to the insured and include, among other things, amount accrued, net yield per accrual, disability insurance and more. The pension itself will be paid to the insured upon his retirement by way of monthly pension up to the limit required by the tax regulations when beyond that limit the manner of receiving the amount can be chosen, as a single payment or monthly pension according to the employee’s choice at the age of his retirement.

ניליביט חברה לקבוצת howden ישראל

אנחנו שמחים לעדכנך כי חברתנו – ניליביט סוכנות לביטוח (1990) בע”מ וחברת הבת שלה ניליביט חתמים בינלאומיים סוכנות לביטוח כללי (2017) בע”מ (“ניליביט”) חתמו על הסכם עם שתי חברות בבעלות מלאה של קבוצת האודן סוכנות לביטוח (2002) בע”מ (“קבוצת האודן ישראל”), לפיו רכשה קבוצת האודן ישראל את כלל פעילות האלמנטרי והכללי של ניליביט. הן המנהלים, עודד לוסקי ויואב רן, והן עובדיה המסורים, ימשיכו לנהל את הפעילות של ניליביט במסגרת קבוצת האודן ישראל. howden הינה אחת מקבוצות הביטוח המובילות בעולם ומעסיקה למעלה מ-9,000 עובדים בלמעלה מ-60 מדינות. הקבוצה נחשבת לאחד מהברוקרים הבינלאומיים המובילים בעולם.
המהלך מייצר יתרונות רבים ללקוחות ניליביט, ומגוון אפשרויות ביטוחיות רבות, המבוססות על היכולות והקשרים הענפים של קבוצת howden בארץ ובעולם. בתקופה זו, כאשר שוק הביטוח חווה אתגרים בתחומים רבים, חיבור זה מאפשר לנו להציע סט כלים רחב מתמיד אשר יאפשר לך להמשיך ולקבל פתרונות ביטוחיים איכותיים ושירות עילאי.

אנחנו משוכנעים כי חיבור זה יאפשר לך, לקבל את הטוב מכל העולמות. יחס חם, אישי וקרוב כפי שהכרת עד כה בשילוב יכולות אדירות בביטוח מול מבטחים.